System configuration

Competitive Edge

Our system is designed to serve the vaccination needs for parents and children for every country on earth. Just with a single system we can track the National vaccination of any country around the world.

Parent can check the growth of the children on real time basis.

Any vaccine batch which is causing problem can be backtracked quickly by saving crucial time and millions of Dollars of the pharma companies.

Our partners could access to vaccination record from anywhere on 24X7. If the users miss their vaccination card they can always request for new card and their vaccination record is safe and secured.

Even an analog phone user will be able to register and receive notification via SMS or Voice calls.

System can be used even in rural areas due to it’s offline capabilities helping to catch the last mile.

Just by simple editable template newly introduced vaccine(s) can be added to the system with no delay.

Value proposition for parents

No more Paper based system for vaccination records.

Digital Smart-Card.

No more missing dates for the child’s immunization.

Automated remainders for upcoming immunization.

Vaccination records available 24X7 and 365 days.

We are replacing the paper based system with new age QR code Card

Cloud based ecosystem complete with a web interface, Mobile App and a Smart Card.

User-centered approach. It sends automated reminders to the parents about upcoming immunization dates.

It maintains all the record of immunization of a particular child.