3 million+ children die every year worldwide due to diseases which could easily be prevented by proper vaccination.

1 in every 5 children remain unimmunized.

ImmunifyMe helps in defining or estimating the denominator.

Govts. and Health organizations still use paper-based technology to record and monitor vaccination for children.

ImmunifyMe is working to identify the 20% unimmunized children and to estimate the left out.

Paper based system takes time consuming interventions.

We have the one stop solution to fix that


Our vision is to become a global market leader in the field of early childhood healthcare, by providing innovative technology solution and services to the children and their caregivers.


Streamline analytics of vaccination monitoring, record keeping and outreach without adding significant complexity to the workflow.

Provide accurate and verifiable proof, aggregate data that can easily interoperate with other existing identity management systems, negating the need for each organization to independently identify beneficiaries, taking timely interventions in outbreak situations, disease surveillance and making policies to bridge the immunization gap. Read more

About Us

Who we are?

ImmunifyMe is a cloud-based eco-system complete with a web interface, Mobile App and a Smart Card. We target to improve vaccination monitoring and surveillance systems to ensure up-to-date data critical to close the existing immunization gap. Individuals who rely on the medical system may find themselves in a dire situation: the most critical information about health and quality of life is the data which should guide future treatment that many healthcare providers can’t access right now. Monitoring data at subnational levels and reaching the parents and educating them is much needed because many countries still have paper-based record keeping and manual interventions which is creating problems when the records are misplaced. Many vaccination clinics and hospitals don’t have a way to back track exact vaccines given to children to find any adverse effects. These are major drawbacks and problems in vaccination monitoring and record keeping which is addressed by ImmunifyMe. Read more

What we do?

Digital record keeping makes it convenient to track a child’s immunization.

Keeping records of child health and growth, in-bound and out-bound migration of the child.

It is easy to connect and maintain confidentiality.

It helps forecasting the demand and availability of vaccines.


Core Comptency

Easy integration and interoperability

Can be easily integrated into existing systems, technology and platforms.

User-centered approach.

Health Care Staff - Easy to manage the records of Children. Less physical labour is required for sending reminders to parents. Can generate all reports about vaccination.
Hospitals - Easy to monitor, stock management of vaccines. Provides better care for the end users.
Pharma Companies - The vaccines can be traced back to the lot and finally to a single vial.
Organizations working on vaccination - The data created by ImmunifyMe can be used for business decision making and can provide proper vaccination to children. The government can easily introduce new vaccines to the existing vaccination schedule just by a request. Information can be easily sent to parents about upcoming vaccination schedule and doses. The network created through immunifyMe will be huge and the knowledge and information can be easily delivered to end users by SMS or email.
ImmunifyMe sends automated reminders to the parents about upcoming immunization dates ensuring parents don’t miss out on immunization.
It uses real-time vaccination monitoring and surveillance to ensure up-to-date data.
ImmunifyMe helps capturing the social-emotional, communication, cognitive and physical development of the child as well.
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System design

offers the framework to close the existing immunization gap.

Scale up and Sustainability

The app could be replicated worldwide or could be customized in any region/country with ease.

The potential for Early Childhood care market is unlimited, there are over 128 million children being born every year worldwide. We are scaling up in two phases. With the help of private sector we are initially introducing our innovative product for the new-borns at the urban centres which will make us support for at least 4 million children in the first phase. In the second phase, scaling up of ImmunifyMe will cover larger peri-urban and rural areas with low rate of immunization and higher rate of non-compliance. This would drastically improve the immunization gap and improve the quality of care. Read more

We are also targeting the children born in the private sector in Africa and India where approximately 60 Million children are born in private hospitals. Our initial target is to reach about 2 Million children being born in the private hospitals in these regions. Read more

Projects and Impact

Global Impact

Immunization is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving living standard health and economic prospects of any county. The economic and social benefits that could be gained from lives saved through immunization, based on numbers of deaths averted, discounted GDP etc. Having largest number of unimmunized children in Asia specially India we need new technologies to find the children who has not received any or some doses of vaccines. This chain of unvaccinated children would lead to global pandemics. So, to eradicate disease we need the proper planning and right interventions.
ImmunifyMe will help to achieve these goals by finding the children who miss their life saving vaccines. Our effort will make socio-economic impact at the micro as well as at the macro level; which according to GAVI would help in saving 5-6 million more lives leading to financial worth of $80-100 billion. This system completely does away the paper-based system and therefore contributes its fair share of being eco-friendly.
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South Asia Region: India

Working with private and public healthcare providers India as a part of our South Asia vision to introduce the ImmunifyMe in India with the key following objectives.

  • Increase immunization and enhance the frequency and quality of reminder and monitoring.
  • Streamlining and automation of treatment and child health monitoring activities related to immunization.
  • Realtime statistics/analytics for program implementation and private sector business opportunities.
  • Tracking the growth among children in terms of physical and cognitive health which opens further partnership opportunities with corporate sector.

India specific value proposition

Working with private and public healthcare providers India as a part of our South Asia vision to introduce the ImmunifyMe in India with the key following objectives.

  • Private sector providers could monitor the real-time vaccination to ensure the quality of care and to close the existing immunization gap.
  • ImmunifyMe as a cloud-based ecosystem complete with a Web App, Mobile App, and a Smart Card.
  • By its technological nature, sends automated reminders to the parents about upcoming immunization dates thus ensuring parents don’t miss out on the immunization.
  • ImmunifyMe would help to record the social-emotional, communication, cognitive and physical development of the child.


Key partnership benefits.

The governments and International health organizations like WHO and GAVI can track the last child who is missing the crucial immunization process and help identify defaulters, therefore bridging the Immunization gap. Read more

Agency may help Pharma Companies and health sector corporates to track the immunization process and trace the cold chain system and finally the single vaccine, saving them precious time and millions of Dollars in an investigation. Read more

Awards and Grants


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